Arlington is a community in Middlesex Area, Massachusetts, United States, six miles (10 km) northwest of Boston. The population was 42,844 at the 2010 demographics.

European homesteaders cleared up the Community of Arlington in 1635 as a village within the limits of Cambridge, Massachusetts under the name Menotomy, an Algonquian word taken into consideration by some to mean "quick running water", though etymological Anthropologists dispute that translation.  A bigger area, consisting of land that was later on to become the town of Belmont, and also outwards to the shore of the Mystic River, which had formerly belonged to Charlestown, was integrated on February 27, 1807 as West Cambridge. In 1867, the name "Arlington" was picked in honor of those buried in Arlington National Cemetery; the name modification worked that April 30.

The Massachusetts people, part of the Algonquian team of Native Americans, lived around the Mystic Lakes, the Mystic River as well as Alewife Creek. By the time Europeans got here, the neighborhood Indians had actually been ravaged by condition; likewise, the tribal chief, Nanepashemet, had actually been eliminated by a rival people in about 1619. Nanepashemet's widow, recognized to background just as "Squaw Sachem of Mistick", marketed the land of her tribe to the homesteaders for 10 extra pounds, with arrangements that she and her tribe can stay on her homestead land around the Mystic Lakes as well as continue hunting as well as farming. She likewise was to be given a brand-new winter season layer of wool yearly for the rest of her life. She is thought to have actually lived up until about 1650.

Through the community additionally flows the stream called Mill Creek, which historically figured mainly into Arlington's economic climate. In 1637 Captain George Cooke built the very first mill around. Subsequently, 7 mills were constructed along the stream, including the Old Schwamb Mill, which survives to today. The Schwamb Mill has actually been a working mill since 1650, making it the lengthiest working mill in the nation.

Paul Revere's famous midnight trip to sharp colonists took him through Menotomy, now referred to as Arlington. In the future that initial day of the American Revolution, even more blood was shed in Menotomy than in the fights of Lexington and Concord combined. Minutemen from bordering towns converged on Menotomy to assail the British on their resort from Concord and also Lexington. Overall, 25 colonials were eliminated in Menotomy (fifty percent of all Americans eliminated in the day's battles), in addition to 40 British troops (majority their casualties).

1852 Map of Boston location showing Arlington, after that called West Cambridge. (The previous Middlesex Canal is highlighted.).

The Jason Russell Home, a yellow colonial, is today a museum which remembers those twelve Americans, including Russell himself, that were eliminated around this envisioned residence on April 19, 1775. Bullet openings are visible in the indoor wall surfaces to this particular day.

In its very early years, Arlington was a successful farming area and had its very own lettuce that was fairly preferred.

Arlington had a big ice industry on Spy Fish pond from the mid-19th century till the last ice house burned down in 1930; much of its ice was sent out to the Caribbean and also India by "Ice King" Frederic Tudor.

Arlington's population grew by over 90 percent during the 1920s.

In 1979, the initial spreadsheet software program, VisiCalc, was created by Bob Frankston and also Dan Bricklin in the attic of the Arlington home rented out by Bob Frankston.

Arlington was the site of the crash which declared the life of top American specialist bicyclist Nicole Reinhart, a two-time Pan American Games champion. She was killed on September 17, 2000, when she was tossed from her bicycle throughout a National Schedule criterium bicycle race.


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