Mount Pleasant is a big suv town in Charleston Region, South Carolina, USA. It is the fourth biggest town and also largest community in South Carolina, and for a number of years was one of the state’s fastest-growing areas, increasing in populace in between 1990 and also 2000. The population was 67,843 at the 2010 census,. The approximated population in 2018 was 89,338. At the foot of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge is Patriots Factor, a naval and also marine gallery, residence to the World War II warship USS Yorktown, which is currently a museum ship. The Ravenel Bridge, an eight-lane highway that was completed in 2005, spans the Cooper River and links Mount Pleasant with the city of Charleston.


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The site of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina was originally inhabited by the Sewee individuals, an Algonquian language-speaking people. The first white settlers showed up from England on July 6, 1680, under the management of Captain Florentia O’Sullivan. Captain O’Sullivan had actually been granted 2,340 acres (950 ha), which included not just the island that bears his name, but likewise the land that was to end up being Mount Pleasant. On the earliest map of the moment this location was called “North Point”.

In 1696, 51 brand-new inhabitants showed up. Each household was allotted a number of hundred acres in the location that became called Christ Church parish. In 1706 the District of Carolina withstood a number of assaults by the Spanish and the French from their negotiations to the south and also were victorious in defeating French intruders in an area referred to as “Abcaw”.

The area of “Abcaw” was Hobcaw Hacienda, located in between Shem Creek and the Wando River. Later on, it was additionally referred to as Shipyard Ranch. Its deep water and wealth of great hardwood made it optimal for the advancement of a prosperous shipbuilding enterprise. Lands beside Hobcaw Factor were owned at different times by several different households, a lot of which maintained ferryboats which offered Mount Pleasant. By 1721, 107 family members were residing in Christ Church church, consisting of 400 whites and also 637 slaves. As the area was created for ranches, enslaved Africans and African Americans composed the chief labor force of the slave society. They as well as the following freedmen made up a majority of the population with the 19th and very early 20th centuries.

In 1754, Charles Pinckney acquired a 715-acre plantation, growing the commodity plants of rice and also indigo. It came to be called Snee Ranch near right here. His boy Charles maintained the vineyard until 1817. It was operated as a hacienda via the 19th century.

On September 24, 1860, a public meeting was kept in Mount Pleasant; it led to the first secession resolution come on the state. The secession convention satisfied in Charleston on December 20, 1860. With the arrival of the Civil Battle, Battery Guerry and also a nearby floating battery in between Mount Pleasant and also Sullivan’s Island contributed in defense of the city. They were also bases for assaults on Ft Sumter. The city was protected by a line of fortifications from Elliot’s Creek at Boone Hall to Copahee Sound. Mount Pleasant was the secret training ground for the nine-man staff of the Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley, H.L. Hunley. This little vessel was launched from Breach Inlet in 1864 to strike and also sink the USS Housatonic.