Greenwell Springs is a location of Central, Louisiana, USA, a city in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area. It was previously distinct unincorporated area in East Baton Rouge Church. The ZIP code for this location is 70739.

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In the 1850s, Robert W. Greenwell purchased land in the area of what is now called Greenwell Springs and began establishing the location right into a rural resort that was built around 10 medicinal springs. Despite the springs remaining in close closeness to every various other, each springtime was claimed to have very different and distinctive mineral properties from the others. It was believed that this showed the springtimes each originated from different levels underneath the ground.

The playground came to be called the Greenwell Springs Hotel, and also was utilized throughout the Civil War as a head office and staging area by Confederate General John Breckinridge. Before the Battle of Baton Rouge in April 1862, Breckinridge’s pressures marched west to strike Union pressures that had inhabited the city. After the fight, Confederate pressures retreated back to the Greenwell Springs Resort and utilized it was a medical facility for damaged soldiers. Both Union as well as Confederate soldiers were buried on the grounds of the hotel in unmarked tombs. During the war, Robert W. Greenwell signed up with the Confederate Army, and also worked as a captain. He was the commander of the East Baton Rouge Guards which was then Firm F, 3rd Louisiana Cavalry, throughout the Battle of Port Hudson.

After the battle, the majority of the hotel town known as Greenwell Springs, along with the Greenwell Springs Resort, was torn down. The lumber from these structures was utilized to aid rebuild frameworks in Baton Rouge that had been harmed or damaged throughout the battle. In 1910, a new Greenwell Springs Resort was improved the website of the old resort. A new springhouse was constructed at the same time as the new resort. A short time after construction was finished, the springtimes stopped streaming. The loss of the springtimes was thought to be because the mouths of the springtimes were opened too large which caused a loss of water pressure. With the absence of the springtimes, the new resort soon lost allure and also was folded. In 1920, the Greenwell Springs Hotel burned down. The State of Louisiana later bought the residential or commercial property to use as a consumption hospital and also ultimately as a mental hospital known as Greenwell Springs Healthcare Facility. It was during this time around that the springs began to flow again.

In April 2005, the unincorporated community of Greenwell Springs entered into the area of the freshly incorporated city called Central.

It is the residence of former Louisiana State Legislator Gaston Gerald, a farmer/rancher in East Baton Rouge and also Washington parishes. Former State Rep Clif Richardson lives there.

The Central Fire Security District # 4 operates station house and also provides fire security solutions. The U.S. Postal Service operates the Greenwell Springs Post Office.

The environment in this area is defined by hot, humid summers and normally mild to cool down winters months. According to the K√∂ppen Climate Classification system, Greenwell Springs, Louisiana has a damp subtropical climate, abbreviated “Cfa” on environment maps.