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Basement Waterproofing in Central Indiana and Indianapolis

You may need a basement waterproofing specialist to take a look at your home if:

  • You have a wet, cracked or musty basement
  • You have water in your basement
  • Your dehumidifier runs constantly and never seems to dry out your basement
  • You have musty and moldy smells that you just can’t get rid of

Rain is Coming

Call us now to make sure your home will stay dry.
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Wether your basement is completely flooded or you have a small leak, our experts can help you with a free home inspection.  Our waterproofing specialist will locate the problem, explain to you the different options to fix your specific situation and answer all of your questions.

To schedule a free inspection and no-obligation estimate, call (317) 241-3099 today!

Our Services

Tide Waterproofing Inc. is your source for 5-star waterproofing services.

Commercial Services

We offer commercial properties the assistance they need to remain safe from water damage from leaks and floods. Whether you need waterproofing in your basements or crawl spaces, we do everything you need to have a happier and healthy property.

Residential Services

We offer residential properties the assistance they need to remain safe from water damage from leaks and floods. Whether you need waterproofing in your basements or crawl spaces, we do everything you need to have a happier and healthy property.

Tide Waterproofing is your wet basement solution, an experienced waterproofing company helping central Indiana towns like homeowners fix their basement problems quickly. Installed by our team of trained and certified waterproofing professionals, we are the premier basement waterproofing company serving Indianapolis, Bloomington and all surrounding areas.

We provide waterproof basements to homeowners and businesses in central Indiana including Indianapolis and surrounding counties.

$500 OFF for Complete Waterproofing

$250 OFF for Partial Waterproofing


Egress Window Install with Basement Waterproofing

Get a FREE consultation for your waterproofing needs!

We offer free estimates, no-pressure sales, and a lifetime warranty on selected products. We get paid once the job is complete. It's easy to see that we're the best choice for all of your waterproofing needs.

Signs of a basement waterproofing problem

Besides being a nuisance, damp basements, if left unfixed, can cause bigger issues like rot, mold, mildew, structural damage and dust mites. Does your Indianapolis home have any of these symptoms:

  • Musty odors
  • Condensation
  • Sump pump issues
  • Wet or damp basement floor
  • Leaking or damp basement walls
  • Pooling or standing water
  • Crystalline deposit on concrete surfaces
  • Leaky basement windows
  • Proven waterproofing products for a dry basement

Our interior basement waterproofing system that has been developed and tested over decades, keeps your basement space dry, comfortable and odor free. It is a proven permanent solution to all your wet basement problems. The system keeps all types of basements dry, including: block, brick, stone, concrete, red clay tile and slab foundations.

The most often used system for basement waterproofing would consist of an interior drainage channel that’s installed along the inner perimeter of your basement floor. Water that might enter the basement through wall cracks, floor leaks or hydrostatic pressure flows into the channels. The channels are hidden from view and covered with cement. The water is drained to a hidden sump pump where it’s pumped away from your home, keeping the basement and your home dry and protected. To complete the system, we add an energy-efficient basement dehumidifier. Controlling the relative humidity of the space will prevent the development of mold, rot, mildew, and dust mites.

Our waterproofing systems successfully has been successfully installed into hundreds of Greater Indianapolis homes. Interior basement waterproofing has been proven to be the best and most cost-effective method to keep your basement dry and protected.

We offer free, no-obligation basement waterproofing inspections and estimates, call us to waterproof your property  (317) 241-3099


We stand by our work and our products. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Residential and Commercial Services. Our products have been tested, tried, and true, time and again.


No matter your waterproofing issue, we will be happy to send out an experienced team member to inspect and evaluate your home or business and offer an estimate to remedy the problem.

It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with basement water due to wall cracks, floor cracks, window leaks, porous concrete, hydrostatic pressure, or a high water table. We have solutions for it all. If you have water in your Indianapolis basement, give us a call today at (317) 241-3099. One of our basement waterproofing specialists will visit your home for a free inspection.

Other local waterproofing companies will try to sell you inferior partial solutions and products. Our waterproofing system continues to protect hundreds of homes. We have tested it and we give lifetime, transferable warranties.

Our waterproofing technicians are ready to help with your basement water problems. We have the right solution for fixing basements with water, cracks, dampness, seepage and any other signs of moisture. No more flooded basements.

We proudly serve homeowners and businesses in areas like Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, Brownsburg, Danville, Avon, Plainfield, Greenwood, Beech Grove, McCordsville and neighboring towns and cities. If you are in need of residential or commercial basement waterproofing, contact us today for a free wet basement repair estimate. We fix basement moisture issues.


We have a special program to streamline the installation of a system for rehabbers and flippers – a modified warranty that can help keep your investment costs low so you can flip that house!

Homeowners will have the opportunity to continue the existing warranty or purchase a lifetime warranty when the property is sold.

Providing Quality Waterproofing service to:

46205, 46206, 46207, 46208, 46214, 46216, 46220, 46221, 46201, 46202, 46203, 46204, 46209, 46211, 46217, 46218, 46219, 46222, 46223, 46224, 46227, 46228, 46229, 46230, 46231, 46234, 46225, 46226, 46235, 46236, 46237, 46241, 46247, 46249, 46254, 46255, 46262, 46274, 46275, 46277, 46239, 46240, 46242, 46244, 46250, 46251, 46253, 46256, 46259, 46260, 46266, 46268, 46278, 46280, 46290, 46291, 46298, 46282, 46283, 46285, 46295, 46296, 46033, 46032, 46038, 46037, 46085, 46077, 46112, 46122, 46123, 46168, 46142, 46143, 46107, 46055

What our clients says

"Tide Waterproofing came in and installed their system under my floor along with installing an egress window. I was amazed at the extremes they went to control the dust and the cleanup! This company truly cares about the work they do and I would recommend them to anybody.
Thanks Tide!"

- Joshua Sullivan

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What our clients says

"These guys worked on my crawlspace back in 2007, and even with all the rains we've had this May, it has stayed dry! They spent two days crawling and drilling, and that work has paid off. (Review written in June, 2019)"
- David Schuth

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What our clients says

"Had a wonderful experience with Tide Waterproofing! They came out to give me an estimate on a home repair, but the inspector was so honest they said the minor crack was nothing to worry about. With their free inspections, I ended up having a nice inspection without having to pay a dime. I would definitely recommend everybody to use Tide Waterproofing, because they are honest and also give great service."
- Willard Crabtree

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What our clients says

"We fixed up an old house with a basement in a very bad condition. Before it was repaired by Troy's team, the old walls are deteriorating and water everywhere. The condition is worse than Troy's initial estimate and additional steps had to be taken. New block walls were built and the old cracked Michigan Ledge was rebuilt to reinforce the foundation structure, New interior drainage system, and sump pump was installed. Walls are patched and new wall shields were installed. The old basement/foundation was brought back to life. Troy and his team have done an excellent job."
- from Angel List

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