Although geographically completely surrounded by Indianapolis, Beech Grove is an excluded city so it preserves its own police officers, fire, public tasks, as well as parks departments as well as operates its actual own senior-citizens' facility.

Beech Grove's federal government was extremely initial set up as a "Area Board" system on November 12, 1906. The system continued to be up until 1935, including 3 chosen ward associates and also a clerk-treasurer. From 1911 to 1939, Board individuals were chosen as agents of in your location set up political events (e.g., Progressive, People's Ticket, Peoples's Ticket).

Upon legitimately coming to be an Indiana fifth-class city in 1935, its very first mayor as well as four city board participants were chosen (3 area members, in addition to one at-large). Beech Grove attained Indiana fourth-class city standing in 1961. The present city board has five area participants and two at-large participants, plus a chosen clerk-treasurer.

The mayors, their political associations, as well as their regards to office, have actually been:

Charles Adams (Progressive, 1935-- 1938); (Independent, 1939-- 1942).
E. Allen Hunter (Republican Politician, 1943-- 1948 as well as 1952-- 1955).
Richard H. Byland (Democratic, 1948-- 1951).
David D. Finney (Democratic, 1956-- 1958).
Elton H. Geshwiler (Democratic, 1959-- 1991).
J. Detector Wiley (Democratic, 1991-- 2003).
Donald "Joe" Wright (Republican Politician Politician, 2004-- 2011).
John Jennings (Republican political leader, meantime, 2011).
Terry Dilk (Republican, 2011).
Dennis Buckley (Democratic, 2012).

Mayor Joe Wright introduced his resignation from the office given that January 14, 2011; city councilman John Jennings was called as acting mayor, up until the visit of Terry Dilk on January 25, 2011 by the Marion Location Republican politician Board to send Wright's term via the 2011 political elections. Dilk was beat in the November 8, 2011 political election by previous City fire chief Dennis Buckley, that became the initial Mayor to have actually been the youngster of a former prospect for the precise very same office (his papa, Robert Buckley, was beat in the 1967 political election).

The 1951 Mayoral political election included Democrat Alice Stratton, amongst Indiana's really first women leads for such a workplace.

The city flag was not tackled till the 1970s, when a competitor was kept in which residents were welcomed to send designs. The winning designer was Mike Hart. The flag features an orange, black and additionally white logo design on a blue location; the logo style reveals the profile of an old-style railroad engine, in orange, with a white circle superimposed in the facility. The circle includes a representation of the tower complicated of St. Francis University hospital, as well as additionally births the name of the city, the year "1906" along with the slogan "Where Practice Welcomes Development.".