Suffield is a community in Hartford Region, Connecticut, UNITED STATES. It was once within the boundaries of Massachusetts. The neighborhood hinges on the Connecticut River Valley with the area of Enfield surrounding to the eastern. In 1900, 3,521 people lived in Suffield; since the 2010 demographics, the population was 15,735. The town center is a census-designated location noted as Suffield Depot in UNITED STATE Demographics records.

Surrounding Massachusetts, Suffield, Conn. belongs to the Springfield, Massachusetts NECTA. Suffield is just 8 miles (13 kilometres) from Springfield, as well as additionally is extra oriented towards it than towards Connecticut’s resources of Hartford, which exists 16 miles (26 kilometres) to the south.

Initially called Southfield– expressed “Suffield,” on May 20, 1674, the committee for the settling of the area asked for:

… that the name of the place might be Suffield, it being the most southern community that either today is, or like to be since Countrey, as well as additionally neere adjoining to the south border of our License in those parts.

The application was authorized by the Massachusetts Bay court on June 8, 1674. Suffield was included as a town in March 1682.

Likewise, on very early 17th and likewise 18th century maps, Suffield was furthermore suggested as Suthfield.

Suffield CT and the surrounding area belonged to the Equivalent Lands compromise with Massachusetts in 1715– 16.

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Suffield’s indigenous as well as also tackled children include The Rev. Ebenezer Gay, a prominent Congregational minister; UNITED STATE Postmaster General Gideon Granger; real estate speculator Oliver Phelps, when the biggest landowner in America; writer Timothy Swan; designer Henry A. Sykes; artist Olin Levi Detector; Seth Pease, residential or commercial property land surveyor of the Western Book lands in Ohio, a great deal of which were regulated by Suffield sponsors and also speculators; and also Thaddeus Leavitt, innovator of a very early cotton gin, supplier and patentee of the Western Obtain lands. Thanks to the town’s really early eminence in addition to vast array, it shows off an astonishing collection of very early New England style. The Kent family members, for whom the town’s collection is called, come from Gloucester, Massachusetts, and showed off relationships to several recognizable really early New England family members, including the Dwight family members of Northampton, Massachusetts, the Hooker family members of Hartford, the Dudleys of Guilford, Connecticut, and likewise the Leavitts of Suffield. Offspring of Robert Olds, that showed up from Sherborne, Dorset, in 1667, contain car leader Ransom Eli Olds, Viper Ohio political leader Edson Baldwin Olds, his great-grandson USAAF General Robert Olds, and also his youngster, fabulous USAF competitor pilot Robin Olds.

Slavery was common throughout the Connecticut River Valley throughout the 18th century, and the 1774 Census for the Nest of Connecticut detailed 37 servants in Suffield. Throughout the Connecticut valley, upscale sellers, pub owners along with community priests had servants. When Significant John Pynchon initially purchased from the Pequonnocks along with Agawam individuals a six-mile tract of land, which he called Stoney Brooke Hacienda, he at first purchased the structure of a sawmill, and additionally utilized 2 of his slaves, Harry as well as Roco, for the construction. Suffield’s third priest, Reverend Ebenezer Commitment, happened preacher in 1710, along with “sixteen years later the community elected to provide him ₤ 20 to acquire a servant. Reverend Ebenezer Gay, Dedication’s follower, owned six slaves throughout his long-term, 1742-1796. Reverend Ebenezer Gay Jr. manumitted his household’s 3 staying slaves in 1812. They were Titus, Ginny along with Dinah. “Princess,” a slave originating from early Suffield settler, Lieut. Joshua Leavitt, died November 5, 1732. Several of Leavitt’s offspring wound up being ardent abolitionists, including Joshua Leavitt in addition to his family member Roger Hooker Leavitt, who ran an Underground Railroad terminal in Charlemont, Massachusetts.